Real ThermiVa Testimonials at Renaissance Plastic Surgery


We absolutely love to share our own patients’ experiences at Renaissance Plastic Surgery! It gives our future St. Louis clients a realistic and genuine look at the process of a treatment or procedure they might be interested in themselves. Today we have two very special clients who bravely pursued the vaginal rejuvenation treatment, ThermiVa®, and shared with us their exciting stories and results. Before we share these with you, our team will give you a closer look at this simple, yet life-changing treatment.  Continue reading “Real ThermiVa Testimonials at Renaissance Plastic Surgery” »

Color Me Beautiful with Colorescience

RPS_Blog_photo_colorscienceYou are careful as to what you feed your body, but are you as careful about what you apply to your face? As consumers, we are increasingly conscientious about what our cosmetics are made of. In fact, a recent survey shows that nearly 60 percent of women now read the ingredient label of their beauty product prior to purchase. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we understand the importance of healthy skin care. We are pleased to offer a line of all natural mineral makeup, Colorescience. Continue reading “Color Me Beautiful with Colorescience” »

Dermaplane: Shave Your Face

RPS_Dermaplane_image_for_blogA daily habit for men, should women shave their faces too? Although it is easy to initially balk at the idea, a treatment known as Dermaplaning is quickly growing in popularity. While performed in a completely different manner than how a man shaves his face, or how a woman shaves her legs—Dermaplane uses a sharp blade to gently scuff away dead skin cells. By encouraging the regeneration of new skin cells, Dermaplane leaves your complexion refreshed and glowing. Continue reading “Dermaplane: Shave Your Face” »

ZO: A Name You Can Trust

RPS-ZO_Blog_ImageA familiar name to many, Zein Obagi is a go-to skin guru. Founding Obagi Medical nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Obagi recently made the decision to again revolutionize the skincare market with a new line, ZO Skin Health. Formulating the products to work from the inside out, ZO stimulates your skin’s ability to replace damaged cells with new, healthy cells. Continue reading “ZO: A Name You Can Trust” »

Two in One: A Breast Lift and Augmentation in one Procedure

RPS_june_blogDo your breasts look and feel tired?  This summer, allow one of renowned plastic surgeons to rejuvenate your bosom.  At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we have developed a multi-faceted approach to giving you the breasts you want.  In combining a breast augmentation with a breast lift, our surgeons are able to both shape and amplify your bust line. Why both you may ask?  Good Question.  A breast lift helps to reshape and reposition your breasts but does not change the size of your breast or give you any upper volume; with an implant, breast augmentation adds volume.  Together, the two procedures restore your breasts—giving you a youthful, perky breast line. Continue reading “Two in One: A Breast Lift and Augmentation in one Procedure” »