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Arm Lift

Tone & Tighten Your Arms

There are multiple factors that can contribute to sagging tissue and the loss of definition in the upper arms. Genetics can play a role, as can losing a significant amount of weight, as well as the way in which the skin loses some of its elasticity as we grow older. But the good news is that the plastic surgeons at Renaissance Plastic Surgery have helped many patients who are unhappy with the excess fat and loose, hanging skin on their upper arms. Technically known as brachioplasty, an arm lift can shape and tone the arm by tightening the skin.

An arm lift can treat:

  • Excess fat on the arm
  • Skin dimpling
  • Loose, sagging or excess skin

Usually performed after major weight loss, arm lift surgery removes the fat on the upper arms that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. The incision is made on the inside of the arm extending down from the underarm to the elbow. Where the skin around the arm used to appear flabby and loose, your arm lift in St. Louis will create a slimmer, tighter physique for your arms and give you the confidence to wear certain clothing, like sundresses or sleeveless shirts.

Arm Lift Surgery Alternatives

If you have small amounts of fat to remove and you have good skin elasticity, our plastic surgeons at Renaissance may be able to perform your arm lift with liposuction alone, providing a much less invasive surgery, quicker recovery time, and little scarring.

Arm Lift Results

Whether you undergo a more comprehensive arm lift or liposuction is used, you will be able to see the results immediately. It may, however, take 3-6 months to see the full benefits of your treatment. Any scarring will slowly dissipate during this time.

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