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The doctors at Renaissance Plastic Surgery believe that breast augmentation should restore a woman’s self-esteem while providing a natural-looking, long-term solution to complementing their body’s existing shape. Call (636) 896-0600 today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation at our St. Peters, MO office!

The Breast Enhancement Consultation

You will have a one-on-one breast consultation where one of our plastic surgeons will help you to determine the type, size, and shape of implants that will get you the breasts you’ve always wanted. Our skilled physicians pay careful attention to proportion and balance, all the while listening to your concerns, needs, and desires when it comes to enhancing your breasts.

During your consultation, you can see what your results may look using Vectra 3D Imaging. No more diving in head first without some comfort in knowing what to expect. Using Vectra, a specialized 3D imaging software, we are able to show you possible results as we plan your procedure. Know how your breasts may look as a B, C or D cup before a single incision is made.

You will also experience sizing with real breast implants. This way, you can truly visualize how your breasts will look in anything from a form-fitting t-shirt to one of your favorite dresses.

Breast Implant Options: Saline vs. Silicone

Although there is only one fundamental difference between the two types of implants, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s extensive research has proven both to be safe for use. While saline implants contain a sterile solution of water and salt, silicone implants are filled with a cohesive gel; both have a silicone shell. The most significant difference lies in how the implants feel to the patient.

Choosing The Right Breast Implant Size & Shape

Sometimes the best results for a desired size and contour can come from a breast reduction or breast lift, but the most important variable when considering breast augmentation is shape. When women want a more robust silhouette, anything from round or teardrop shapes can become an overwhelming decision.

Types Of Breast Implant Incisions

The breast implant may be placed under or over the pectoralis muscle. Each option has specific benefits and may be more appropriate for certain body types or appearance goals. During your consultation, these approaches can be discussed in greater detail. Most of our breast augmentation patients in St. Louis enjoy a rapid recovery and are able to return to light activities in about a week. However, every St. Louis breast augmentation procedure is unique. Our plastic surgeons tailor the procedure to meet the specific needs of the patient. We can help you make your vision a beautiful reality.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

The best candidates for breast augmentation are people who've wanted to enhance the size and shape of their breasts for some time. This procedure should only be done for yourself, not for anyone else. The happiest patients are those who love their bodies and want to increase breast size to be more in alignment with how they feel on the inside. They want to fit better in clothing that they love and want to enhance their overall proportions, not fit into a perceived model of beauty that has been set by someone else.

Should I Wait Until After Having Children to Undergo Breast Augmentation?

It isn't uncommon for patients to question the right timing for breast augmentation. There used to be quite a bit of question about whether or not a woman could breastfeed after receiving breast implants. Having performed thousands of breast procedures over many years, our surgeons can say that there is little risk of losing the ability to breastfeed following breast augmentation. It's not impossible but it is very unlikely. What you may want to consider is how your breasts will change due to pregnancy and nursing. Regardless of whether you have implants or not, there is a chance that your breast volume will decrease after having children. This is due to hormone changes and the increase in breast size that occurs during and after pregnancy. 

What Types of Incisions are Used for Breast Augmentation?

Plastic surgeons use a number of different incision patterns to perform breast augmentation. These include incisions around the areola, in the armpit area, and through the belly button. 

The most common incision pattern is directly around the areola. Here, the scars that result from surgery are usually well-hidden. Once the scars mature, you might not notice them at all. This type of incision also complements a more extensive incision should you choose to combine your breast augmentation with a lift. Even without a breast lift, the areolar incision pattern is advantageous because it allows for better shaping of the breast mound after the insertion of the breast implant, especially in sub-muscular placement. 

What Should I know about Breast Implant Placement?

In addition to breast implant size and type, the next question many patients have is where their breast implants should be placed, over or under the muscle. In most cases, it is preferable to place implants in a submuscular position. Under the chest muscle, the new contour of the breasts looks most natural, especially as it relates to cleavage. The submuscular placement may also be a better option if you're seeking a more substantial increase in size or have naturally thinner skin.

Breast implant placement over the muscle is referred to as subglandular. This means that the implant is underneath the natural breast mound, made up of fatty and glandular tissue, but atop the pectoral muscle. The results of submuscular placement tend to look fuller and rounder. This may not be ideal. It usually looks more like a breast implant than a natural breast, especially in the cleavage area. If you receive subglandular breast implants and later decide to change to submuscular placement, you may require a breast lift at that time to address any sagging that has been caused by the earlier over-the-muscle placement. 

When you consult with us about breast augmentation, your doctor will make sure that you have a thorough understanding of the differences between subglandular and submuscular breast implant placement. It's important to us that you feel fully informed and confident to make the best decision for you!

Fat Grafting For Breast Enhancement

In their approach to enhancing breasts, some physicians consider fat grafting – the surgical process of harvesting existing fat tissue from a designated area on your body, cleaning it, and then placing that same fat to contour your new breast. While this may be a more natural approach to breast enhancement or revision, it is a lengthier process that does not produce a large volume increase to the breast.

Recovery From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Every plastic surgery procedure requires a bit of recovery time, but you will most likely return home under the care of a loved one after spending about an hour in a recovery room. Due to the lingering effects of the anesthesia, you should not be driving at this time.

A compression garment and surgical bandages will be placed to help assist in the healing process and minimize any swelling. These bandages will normally be removed the following day when you return for your follow-up appointment with our plastic surgeons. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for continuing wear of the surgical bra for a few weeks following surgery to help provide you the best result.

Medication can be used to alleviate any pain or nausea you may experience following your surgery. We may also instruct you to ice your breasts using cold compresses or ice packs for the first two days after your procedure. There will be some normal bruising and swelling of your breasts, which will fade away as your body continues to heal.

During your recovery you should be getting plenty of rest. Try to avoid any strenuous activity and exercise, but walking around will help to control swelling and prevent blood clots. We will provide you with more detailed care instructions following your surgery, and if anything unusual comes up, we are always just a phone call away.

You should generally be able to return to work in about 3-5 days. However, if your job requires more use of your arms, you may want to take a couple extra days off until you feel comfortable enough moving around.

Breast Augmentation - Before & After

45457 imgset 1 before
45457 imgset 1 after

Breast Augmentation Results

Though there will be some bruising and swelling when you come out of surgery, you will notice the difference in the shape and size of your breasts immediately. You will want to begin trying on new clothes, bras and bikinis right away, but it will take some time for post-surgical signs to fade. Over the next few months, bruising and swelling will disappear and your incision lines will flatten and lighten to the point where they are hardly visible and easily hidden beneath a bra.

Seeing the final results of your breast augmentation can be an emotionally rewarding experience. Many women experience a boost of self-confidence, feeling more comfortable with their new, rejuvenated figure.

When Can I Exercise After Breast Augmentation?

You'll need some time away from the gym after your breast augmentation procedure. However, that doesn't mean you can't exercise at all. You may gradually resume your normal level of physical activity using the following general guideline:

  • Rest and a few easy walks a day beginning the day of your surgery. All strenuous activity must be avoided. 
  • Increased walks and moderate stretching, avoiding anything that feels uncomfortable, starting day five after surgery. 
  • Gentle lower body exercises may begin on day 10 after surgery. High-impact activities and running must be avoided. 
  • Low-impact cardio exercise may begin two weeks after surgery, avoiding anything that feels uncomfortable. 
  • Increased strenuousness may begin as soon as four weeks after surgery. Overhead weight lifting must be avoided until you've been fully cleared for all physical activity.

Can I go Braless with Breast Implants?

Often, one of the goals of breast augmentation surgery is to create full, perky breasts. As trends come and go, there may come a time when you'd like to look great even without a bra. This isn't uncommon. While it may be fine to go braless every now and then, it's important that you go about it in the right way so your long-term results from breast implant surgery are not compromised. 

During your initial post-operative period, which lasts six to eight weeks, you'll wear a support bra. Initially, you'll wear your light compression garment around the clock, even while you sleep. This helps progress your healing and the resolution of swelling and bruising more quickly. After six weeks, your surgeon may clear you to transition to a soft, supportive bra that isn't a surgical garment. At that time, your surgeon may still advise against wearing an underwire bra. 

Full recovery from breast augmentation surgery takes six to eight weeks. At that time, you may be able to go braless. However, it's not uncommon for women to find this far less comfortable than they'd imagined. Larger breasts are heavier breasts, and they may not feel supported and comfortable without a bra. Beyond comfort, the concern that your surgeon has about going braless after breast augmentation is that the weight of the implants and natural breast tissue pulls on the skin, which could lead to breast ptosis within a short amount of time. 

Are Breast Implants Better than Fat Grafting?

Breast implants have their advantages and disadvantages, and so does fat grafting. The question may not be which option is better overall but which is ideal for you based on your needs and desired outcome. 

Some of the advantages of fat grafting for breast enlargement include:

  • The process uses your own body fat, so there's no chance of rejection.
  • Using your own body fat means that your surgeon sculpts a part of your body, such as your abdomen.
  • The results of fat grafting can last indefinitely with no need for revision later on, as is necessary with breast implants. 
  • Recovery may be shorter and more comfortable.

Some of the disadvantages of breast augmentation using fat grafting include:

  • Size limitation. We generally expect an increase of one to two cup sizes using fat grafting. More enlargement is possible but would require a second surgery, possibly months after the first. 
  • Possibility for deflation. Using fat cells for breast augmentation could involve some unpredictability. If you gain weight, your breasts may enlarge even more. If you lose weight, the fat cells in your breasts could shrink, leading to deflation.

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