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Body Sculpting & Contouring in St. Louis

Tighten, Sculpt & Contour Your Body

Over time, gravity, sun damage and fluctuations in weight can lead to problem areas of sagging skin, loose tissue and stubborn pockets of fat on various parts of your body. Even with proper nutrition and regular exercise, these problems will generally not go away on their own. Once skin loses its elasticity and underlying muscles weaken, surgery is often needed to eliminate excess skin and achieve a tight, youthful contour.

A complete lower body lift is a major body contouring procedure that Dr. Mills recommends having after major weight loss or bariatric surgery. If you have excessive amounts of loose, sagging skin and tissue, a lower body lift in St. Louis may be right for you.

A lower body lift corrects:

  • Dimpling or unevenness of the skin
  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Excess fat and tissue

The Best Body Contouring Results in St. Louis

The lower body lift requires a vertical tightening of the skin around your lower mid-section. This is a major surgery, and you should be in excellent health before undergoing this procedure. An incision is made around the entire waist, the skin is pulled up or down, and the excess tissue is removed from the butt and/or hips. Liposuction and other procedures like an arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift or facelift may be included to achieve the tone and definition you desire.

Due to the extensive nature of this procedure, your surgery may last between 3-7 hours, and you may be required to stay several nights for observation. Recovery from surgery usually takes about 6-8 weeks.

To learn more about how a lower body lift can help you achieve your desired body contours, click here to contact us and set up a consultation with Dr. Mills in our St. Louis surgery center.

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