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Over time, gravity, sun damage and fluctuations in weight can lead to problem areas of sagging skinloose tissue and stubborn pockets of fat on various parts of your body. Even with proper nutrition and regular exercise, these problems will generally not go away on their own. Once skin loses its elasticity and underlying muscles weaken, surgery is often needed to eliminate excess skin and achieve a tight, youthful contour.

A complete lower body lift is a major body contouring procedure that Dr. Mills recommends having after major weight loss or bariatric surgery. If you have excessive amounts of loose, sagging skin and tissue, a lower body lift in St. Louis may be right for you.

A lower body lift corrects:

  • Dimpling or unevenness of the skin
  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Excess fat and tissue

The Best Body Contouring Results in St. Louis

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The lower body lift requires a vertical tightening of the skin around your lower mid-section. This is a major surgery, and you should be in excellent health before undergoing this procedure. An incision is made around the entire waist, the skin is pulled up or down, and the excess tissue is removed from the butt and/or hips. Liposuction and other procedures like an arm liftthigh liftbreast lift or facelift may be included to achieve the tone and definition you desire.

Due to the extensive nature of this procedure, your surgery may last between 3-7 hours, and you may be required to stay several nights for observation. Recovery from surgery usually takes about 6-8 weeks.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Lower Body Lift?

The lower body lift can be an advantageous procedure for any adult who has lost a significant amount of weight. Primarily, we need to confirm that each patient is healthy enough to go through anesthesia, surgery, and the recovery process well. Body lift patients should not smoke. There is a considerable amount of healing that occurs after surgery, and the chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco products can interfere with this process. If you smoke or use tobacco products or nicotine, inform our team. We can work together to help you quit using these substances before surgery. Doing so will afford your body more energetic resources to pull from during recovery. To get the best results from a body lift, it is also necessary to have maintained your ideal weight for at least 12 months. The best results from body lift procedures are achieved in patients who have maintained a stable weight for at least one year. Ideally, surgery to correct loose, sagging skin will be performed after weight loss is complete. Further weight loss (or weight gain) after surgery may affect the results achieved through tissue-tightening procedures. In addition to weight stability, patients who want to undergo a lower body lift should also have a strong nutritional plan in place. We all know that weight loss and management can be secured with severe calorie restriction. This is not the ideal situation for patients undergoing body lift procedures. To heal properly after surgery, the body must have sufficient nourishment with lean proteins, healthy fats, and an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If you are interested in a lower body lift, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at Renaissance Plastic Surgery. Here, one of our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons will sit with you to discuss what you would like to achieve. They will conduct a thorough review of your medical history. If necessary, lab tests may be ordered. The doctor will discuss the details of the procedures that would be appropriate for you, including the expected outcome and the risks involved in the treatment process.

How Long Will the Results of My Lower Body Lift Last?

The results achieved with a lower body lift are expected to last many years, if not indefinitely. The removal of redundant tissue permanently alters the amount of tissue that exists in a given area, such as the buttocks or thighs. However, weight fluctuations and aging will incur inevitable effects. If you maintain the habits that support your weight at the time of surgery, you can expect enduring results from your body lift procedure.

Will I Have any Scars After My Surgery?

The lower body lift may involve a circumferential incision around the trunk of the body. As much as possible, surgeons attempt to limit their incisions to the most inconspicuous places. That said, this can be difficult when the objective of surgery is to correct the folds and creases created by excess skin. Incisions for procedures like abdominoplasty are made below the bikini line, where a bathing suit or shorts will hide them. Posterior incisions, as well, are made in an area where clothing can cover them. Initially, the scars that result from a lower body lift will look pink and raised. Over time, the incision lines are expected to flatten and fade to a flesh tone that blends well with the surrounding tissue. Renaissance Plastic Surgery has an attached medical spa at which patients may explore treatments that can diminish the appearance of scarring.

How Long Will the Surgery Take?

Lower body lift procedures are customized to each patient's anatomy and desired outcome. Generally, we advise patients to expect their procedure to last between four and six hours. Our team contacts the person indicated in the intake paperwork to arrange pick-up after surgery is complete. Surgery times can vary based on the extensiveness of the procedures involved in the body lift. We can discuss our anticipated timing after our consultation.

Recovery and Aftercare for the Lower Body Lift Procedure

Recovery after a lower body lift may vary due to the customized nature of this treatment. That said, patients can expect at least two weeks of relative downtime after their procedures. After surgery, compression garments are applied to facilitate optimal healing with minimal swelling. Drains are also a common aspect of post-surgical recovery. Surgical drains are placed to help fluid exit the surgical site naturally after surgery. While they are in place, patients or those who are helping in their recovery must empty them regularly after measuring the amount of fluid that has been collected. Instructions for handling post-surgical drains are provided before or at the time of surgery. If questions arise, please contact our office directly for assistance. A post-operative follow-up will occur about seven to 10 days after surgery. Post-surgical instructions after a lower body lift treatment include steps for managing comfort using prescription, then over-the-counter pain relievers. Patients should arrange for two to four weeks off work and other obligations. During this initial phase of recovery, the objective is to rest and move just enough to maintain adequate circulation for optimal healing. Our post-op instructions will discuss how to manage incision care, when and how to bathe, and what degree of physical activity is appropriate. In general, patients should anticipate a recovery period that lasts up to six weeks.

What are the Benefits of a Body Lift?

Weight loss alone doesn’t always leave a person exactly where they want to be. If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, the excess loose skin and tissue that remain could be causing you physical, cosmetic, and emotional distress. Having a body lift can change all of that.

A body lift smooths the contours between your thighs, buttocks, back, and abdomen. It helps to streamline your physical proportions, allowing you to truly appreciate your weight loss achievement. Seeing these results every day can be remarkably motivating to continue taking the utmost care of your body through healthy lifestyle habits.

On a physical level, a body lift can eliminate the frustrating issues that come with redundant skin. The lift and trim that occurs can put an end to skin-to-skin contact that causes inflammation, rashes, or infections. It may also eliminate the need to use binders or special garments to prevent these issues. Also, without the excess skin, your clothes will very likely fit better.

Finally, your body lift could be the final piece of the whole that allows you to truly feel great about your appearance once and for all. The absence of the weight and the loose, sagging skin lets you be you, fully and without self-consciousness.

What are My Treatment Options?

Just like your weight loss journey, your body lift is unique to your needs and goals. The lower body lift can address the buttocks, thighs, and other areas in which sagging, excess tissue is impeding the true outcome of weight loss. In addition to the lift techniques performed on the lower body, you may also discuss the value of upper body procedures such as abdominoplasty, a breast lift, or brachioplasty to sculpt your arms.

How Does a Body Lift Work?

The body lift procedure works by carefully lifting the skin of the lower body, including the thighs and buttocks. When the ideal shape and smoothness is achieved, the excess skin and superficial tissue are trimmed and the two new edges are secured with stitches. The doctor may make one circumferential incision around the waist or may make additional incisions in the bikini/groin area if needed to achieve the best possible cosmetic outcome.

How Can I Prepare for a Body Lift?

As we get you scheduled for your body lift, we will provide you with all of the information you need to plan well. Some of the biggest tips for pre-surgical preparation include avoiding smoking and tobacco use. This needs to occur several weeks before surgery in order to prevent complications during or after the procedure. Beginning one to two weeks before your surgery, you may be advised to avoid alcohol consumption and the use of any medication or supplement that could thin your blood.

In addition to avoiding certain substances, it is beneficial to drink plenty of water before surgery and to eat a highly nutritious diet, which we assume you’re already doing. It is important not to drastically reduce caloric intake before surgery but to maintain your focus on your long-term goals and consumption of whole, healthy foods.

When Will I be Able to Notice the Results?

You will see the results of your body lift as soon as a few hours after your procedure. Once you’re alert in the recovery area, the staff may assist you to get up and use the bathroom or take a few steps here and there. Your treatment area will be bandaged, but even with the dressings, you will be able to notice some of the change that has occurred. You’ll see more of the results of your surgery during your first post-op visit when the doctor removes the dressings to examine your incisions and initial progress in healing. As your swelling and bruising subside, the outcome of your body lift will become ever more apparent.

Are Body Lifts Painful?

Body lift surgery is performed with general anesthesia. You will sleep through the procedure and wake up shortly thereafter in the recovery area of the surgical center. As you do, you may experience mild to moderate soreness and tenderness in all surgical areas. Prescription pain medication, taken as directed, can help reduce post-operative discomfort and enable you to perform the little bit of walking that is necessary to sustain efficient circulation during your recovery. We understand that a body lift sounds like a major surgery. That said, most patients are able to resume much of their normal activity, including going back to work, about two weeks after surgery.

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