Sciton Laser Resurfacing For Bags Under The Eyes, As Seen On ‘The Doctors,’ Offered Right Here In The St. Louis Area

Did you catch yesterday’s episode of The Doctors which featured the Sciton, a laser resurfacing technique?p Dr. Adam Scheiner demostrated the use of the Sciton TRL Laser for lower eyelid concerns, puffiness or bags.


ScitonAnne Strate, BSN, RN, one of our skin care specialists, talks more about her experience for lower eyelid treatment with the Sciton TRL Laser, which, here at Renaissance Plastic Surgery and R medical spa, we have been using for more than 8 years.


“Erbium resurfacing is one of the gold standards in cosmetic non-surgical treatments for tightening and eliminating wrinkles and reversing the signs of sun damage. The Sciton TRL laser allows us to customize the depth of treatment to fit the patients available downtime and desired outcome. One of the most amazing results we have seen lately is with lower eyelid resurfacing.

Many people have a loss of elasticity or “snap” to the lower eyelids and fine lines that can not be treated with things such as Botox. For the longest time all we had to treat this was a lower eyelid surgery. We have some people though that aren’t quite ready for surgery or the laxity of the skin is not severe enough for surgery yet. Having a non surgical laser treatment that yields significant tightening has “bought some time” for these patients.

This treatment has about 1 week of social downtime. The treated area appears red, like a sunburn, and requires ointment to be applied for the first few days after treatment. There is very little to no pain, although swelling can be significant the first few days after the treatment.

Any residual redness can be covered with makeup approximately 1 week post treatment. Patients can see an immediate tightening and less wrinkles after one treatment and results continue to improve, even up to six months, due to the increased collagen production in the area.”


Zerona Now FDA Approved

Zerona at our St. Charles Location Zerona is the first non-invasive, non-surgical, aesthetic laser device to receive FDA market clearance in the U.S. for reduction of inches from the waist, hips and thighs.p This approval comes following a study conducted to determine the effectiveness of the Zerona laser technology.p The findings of the study indicated that patients had an average loss of 3.65 inches combined from the waist, hips and thighs.

Read more on our website about Zerona.

Read the full press release from Erchonia Corporation here.


Zerona has recently been featured in many national news venues:

Good Morning America Logo Good Morning America



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Wall Street Journal LogoThe Wall Street Journal



St. Louis Family Life Is About More Than Being a Mom

Stl_family Their motto is “just because you have kids, that’s no reason to lose your cool,” and St. Louis bloggers and mothers Kristie Steinlage and Lisa Bertrand founded the sitepSTL Family Lifepwith a mission to prove to St. Louis parents that ‘not loosing your cool’ isn’t just about keeping your temper in check.p

While most websites targeted at parents are filled with potty-training tips or advice on picking the perfect preschool, Kristie and Lisa have createdpan online magazine for parents that understands that while being a parent is a full-time job, there is more to family life than diapers and strollers. Lisa explained, “We found that when it came to parenting there were a lot of great sites out there devoted to childcare only. There wasn’t really much in the way of parental support. For example, we talk about how parenting affects friendships, marriage, sex, and the other aspects of one’s life.”p

STL Family Life launched on June 8, and since their launch Lisa and Kristie have packed their site full of relationship advice, product giveaways and information about St. Louis’ family friendly attractions. In just three short months they have developed a loyal following and plan to add more features and topics as the site grows. Lisa said, “We hope to have a sex column at some point. We hope to tackle career issues, more health issues, more reviews of fun places for families and for date nights, and more content for single parents as well as parents of blended families.”

You can check out the newest local website dedicated to balancing parenting with all of life’s other bits, by going you like what you see, you can also follow their updates on Twitter, andpbecome a fan ofpSTL Family Life on Facebookpto get updates about their latest contests and content.

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Weight Loss, Bariatric Group Talk At SSM Weight Loss Institute At DePaul

In February, I had the opportunity to speak at the DePaul Weight-Loss Institute Support Group and I was reminded of the miraculous transformation that these patients make.p I don’t think that using the analogy of a caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly is too strong.p These patients make a significant commitment to improve their overall health and well-being through both surgical and non-surgical means.p They follow strict dietary guidelines and establish workout routines that most individuals could not maintain.p As a result, they lose significant amounts of excess weight and, along with it, some of the comorbities like diabetes and high blood pressure.p Thus, I applaud those patients who take that courageous first step toward their new body image.


I also want to thank the 80+ individuals who attended.ppThere were many intelligent and insightful questions.p We had a fantastic discussion and excellent interaction about the changes that occur with massive weight loss and its residual effects.p Many of those who attended had achieved or were in the process of reaching their goal weight.p On a daily basis, I see similar patientspwho also have improved their health through weight loss, but haven’t been able to truly appreciate the differences because of the excess skin left behind.p As we discussed at the seminar, only through the removal of that excess tissue can one reveal the enormous changes that have actually taken place.p Going from severe obesity to a satisfying body shape is a journey and plastic surgery is the finalpstep toward a positive self image and good health.

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Effectively Treat Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Freckles

For many years women have been plagued by the discoloration of the skin known as Melasma. The pigmentation typically presents itself in a symmetrical pattern on the face either on the cheeks, upper lip, forehead, etc. It may start very faint especially in those with fair skin. Those with darker skin types especially Hispanic and Asian skin types may notice this more often and it may present itself darker.


Not only can pregnancy cause this skin condition but it has alsopbeen linked to birth control pills, oral acne antibiotics, anti-malarial medication as well as hereditary factors. Some people may notice it later in life and can attribute it to excessive sun damage to the deeper levels of the skin. Some people may also notice this after certain types of skin care treatments at spas.


So how can this condition be treated?


First, know that this condition has no long term effects or harm to the body. Treatment is completely cosmetic. Treatment in some individuals can be very costly depending on the severity of the case. Also note that all treatments are only minimizing the pigmentation and that with sun exposure and other hormone related issues the pigment can return or get worse. Our pigment cells called melanocytes have a memory and with any type of triggers they can, and will, release more pigment. That is why first and foremost sunscreen is a must! It is recommended you use more physical blocks such as zinc and titanium. Chemical sunscreens, which are most of the over-the-counter sunscreens, contain chemicals that can actually trap in the heat and stimulate worsening of the pigmentation. A favorite sunscreen for those with melasma is the Colorescience Sunforgettable powder sunscreen because it is a physical block but, unlike creams, it lets the skin breathe and does not trap in the heat. It is also very water resistant!


Prescription creams such as hydroquinones (4% or higher) and Retin-A are also a gold standard in caring for melasma although they can not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. Hydroquinones work by suppressing the melanocyte cells so that they do not overproduce pigment. The Retin-A works by stimulating cell turnover which will bring the pigment to the surface to be exfoliated. Best results are found when these two prescriptions are used together. But be cautious, these are prescriptions and need to be used under physician supervised care and that hydroquinones are not intended to be used daily for the rest of your life. It is best to be used short term and then intermittently as pigment returns.


Certain types of peels such as TCA peels, certain lasers such as IPL or BBL, and light resurfacing treatments are also used to speed up the process of evening out the tone of the skin.pAlthough, there are small risks associated with these deeper treatments such as scarring or worsening of the pigmentation. Regardless of anypin-office treatments, it is always recommended you pretreat with hydroquinones and Retin-A (such as Tri-Luma cream) prior to treatment and resume when your skin care specialist or physician recommends.


Whichever option you and your skin care specialist or physician choose, be aware that your treatments are only minimizing the pigment and that you will always be working on maintaining the health of your skin. Discuss with your physician and don’t forget that sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure is #1 in preventing and maintaining your melasma.


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Kirkwood Greentree Festival

You don’t have to be a Kirkwood resident to enjoy the food, festivities and carnival fun at the 2008 Kirkwood Greentree Festival on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 12 – 14.p You’ll take a step back in time with the Folklife artisans and reenactors on hand demonstrating their crafts.p Plus there are tons of activities and events for the kids (and kids at heart), from a Classic Car Show to the Canine Frisbee Competition and the Kid’s Dog Show.p Just look at those cute little faces!

Part of the Pre-Greentree Festival events includes a tennis tournament, a bike ramble honoring fallen heroes and a senior bingo and pool competitions. Register early for your spot.

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