What are Your Reasons for Wanting a Tummy Tuck?

istock 475742572 Choices. We make them every day. What is interesting about our choices is that we think very little about most of them. Shall I add cream to my coffee? Well, of course, it’s what I do every day! Shall I brush my teeth before bed? Why, yes! I’ve done so every night since I can remember! These daily choices are so ingrained that we usually don’t even realize we’re making them. Other decisions, however, may capture our attention for months. For example, if you’re thinking of having a tummy tuck, you’ve probably already considered the various pros and cons of this decision. We’re here to help you make sure that you get the outcome you desire, which is why we may ask what your reasons are for wanting this procedure. Here are some common motivations for tummy tuck surgery.

Wanting Your Body Back

If you have gained a substantial amount of weight or carried a pregnancy, you may have felt as though your body was no longer your very own. People who have lost the weight and delivered their children often seek abdominoplasty claiming to want their body back. We understand this reason and are happy to assist our patients. We also know a little something: abdominoplasty may not give you back the body you had; it may give you something even better.

Wanting to Feel More Confident

To achieve satisfying results from a tummy tuck, it is essential to feel a healthy sense of self-esteem before surgery. No amount of physical enhancement can lay the foundation for this trait; that must come from within. However, patients with a healthy self-image who have surgery to correct a physical flaw caused by aging or other factors can expect to feel even more confident after their procedure. When you have abdominoplasty for your own reasons, not someone else’s, you can expect a satisfying outcome.

Tummy tuck surgery is popular because it can profoundly improve the tone and contour of the midsection. This procedure cannot replace a healthy lifestyle but can enhance what has been achieved with diet and exercise. With implemented health habits, patients can sustain their new shape for years.

We can help you get the shape you want. To schedule your tummy tuck consultation, call our St. Peters, MO office at 636-535-2933.

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