Weight Loss, Bariatric Group Talk At SSM Weight Loss Institute At DePaul

In February, I had the opportunity to speak at the DePaul Weight-Loss Institute Support Group and I was reminded of the miraculous transformation that these patients make.p I don’t think that using the analogy of a caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly is too strong.p These patients make a significant commitment to improve their overall health and well-being through both surgical and non-surgical means.p They follow strict dietary guidelines and establish workout routines that most individuals could not maintain.p As a result, they lose significant amounts of excess weight and, along with it, some of the comorbities like diabetes and high blood pressure.p Thus, I applaud those patients who take that courageous first step toward their new body image.


I also want to thank the 80+ individuals who attended.ppThere were many intelligent and insightful questions.p We had a fantastic discussion and excellent interaction about the changes that occur with massive weight loss and its residual effects.p Many of those who attended had achieved or were in the process of reaching their goal weight.p On a daily basis, I see similar patientspwho also have improved their health through weight loss, but haven’t been able to truly appreciate the differences because of the excess skin left behind.p As we discussed at the seminar, only through the removal of that excess tissue can one reveal the enormous changes that have actually taken place.p Going from severe obesity to a satisfying body shape is a journey and plastic surgery is the finalpstep toward a positive self image and good health.

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