Ways to Enhance Your Body Shape

Attractive Slender Woman in a Crop Top and Jeans against a Rail Knowing that summer is just around the corner, it’s hard to look away from the mirror. We know that bodies come in all beautiful shapes and sizes and do not believe that everyone should fit into one type of beauty standard. What we feel strongly about is every person feeling great in their own skin. There are ways to enhance body shape that don’t have to involve surgery but that can accomplish this goal of simply loving the way you look. Here, we discuss the various options that are available today.

Lifestyle Habits

With the social changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw two different camps emerge. Some people experienced a decline in their motivation to eat well and exercise. No judgment there; stress does interesting things to us! On the flip side of those who gained the COVID 20 is a group that found more freedom to exercise. Sure, they may not have joined the local gym but, now working from home, they discovered some time in their day in which they could work out to an online video or workout program. When possible, people got outside more and moved their bodies as a way to relieve the stress of an uncertain world. Regardless of where you sit on this spectrum, know that one of the best ways to enhance your body shape is through a healthy, active lifestyle. Eating well and exercising daily shouldn’t be looked at as a chore to reach a certain goal, but as an opportunity to nourish the body and mind in ways that promote mood, heart health, sexual wellness, and, yes, a better body shape.

Stress and Cortisol

We cannot talk about eating healthy and working out without recognizing the role that stress and cortisol play in every facet of life. Studies show that people who carry higher levels of stress or do not have effective ways to manage ongoing stress tend to carry more abdominal fat. More abdominal fat piles on because a stressed body is one that produces higher levels of cortisol, which affects not only weight but the distribution of it. As you may have guessed, cortisol likes to expand the fat cells in the midsection. If this is an area in which you’d like to see less fat, consider how you’re managing stress and develop some skills and practices for releasing. For example, go for a walk in nature, set a sleep schedule, talk to a trusted friend, or see a therapist. There are several ways to manage stress better, these suggestions are just a sampling to get you inspired to find what works for you.

Cosmetic Procedures

One of the reasons that plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation are so popular is that they reshape the body quickly, beautifully, and with relatively little downtime. In the non-surgical realm, many people choose to enhance their shape via a series of CoolSculpting sessions. This non-invasive treatment, like liposuction, can be performed on numerous parts of the body, from the abdomen to the thighs to the backs of the arms and more. The interesting thing about cosmetic procedures to enhance shape is that they lead right back to our first tip, lifestyle habits. Many people who undergo surgery or nonsurgical body contouring regain the motivation it takes to maintain a great shape via diet and exercise. It’s a win-win in our book!

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