The Real Housewives of Orange County Star Kelly Dodd Dishes on Her Breast Reduction


Bigger isn’t always better. Just ask Kelly Dodd of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Only three years after undergoing a breast augmentation, the reality star just couldn’t cope with an oversized bust any longer. On a recent episode of the show, the celebrity confessed that living with such large breasts was a burden. “My breasts were way too big for my body. It’s hard to wear clothes, my back hurts, I can’t run, and now I’m just like, I’m done.”

Kelly already had very a large natural bust ever since she was a kid. Like many women, her breasts changed after she gave birth to her daughter. In an interview with People, she explains, “when I met [my husband] Michael, I was a 32DD. And then I breastfed and my boobs deflated. And then I got a boob job and I went to a 32G.”

But now, after having a breast reduction and lift, she couldn’t be happier. “I love them. They look great naked. They’re up and they’re perky.”

So, what can we learn from Kelly’s experience? Here are 5 take-aways:

Wardrobe Malfunction

Needless to say, any woman who boosts her bosom will likely have to update her wardrobe too. From bras to blouses, it can be a blast buying new clothes for a new you. However, when you opt for boobs that are too big for your body like Kelly did, it can be a problem getting garments to fit properly. Her small frame made it difficult for her to find apparel that suited her new look and were comfortable. Some women may even have to have clothes custom-made for their bodies.

Downsize to Dispel Discomfort

One of the main gripes women with very large, heavy breasts have is how much pain they can cause. Back, shoulder, and neck pain are the most common complaints, but those issues can actually start to strain other areas too. Your body may begin to compensate for bad posture, creating chronic conditions like arthritis in the knees and spinal problems. Even simply wearing a bra can be painful as the straps can cut into your back and shoulders, leading to bleeding and scarring. Keeping your boob size in line with the rest of your body can diminish the development of auxiliary health problems down the road.

Heavy Lifting

Exercise and staying active can become a challenge too. Bulky breasts are heavy and can get in the way of even the simplest activities. Kelly used to jog to stay fit but really couldn’t after her enlargement. And one source close to Dodd said that she couldn’t even swing a tennis racket or a golf club after her augmentation either. That can really put a damper on your health and well-being.

Relax in Recovery

Another lesson from Kelly’s cutback is to take it easy after the procedure. Just because you might feel good and ready to get back to your life doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is ready to keep up.  Unfortunately, Dodd learned this the hard way. “I can’t sit still…It drives me insane. I was walking the dogs, cooking, lifting things,” she said. “My sutures opened up. That was all my fault because my dogs, like, pulled me.”  It might not seem like a big deal, but even doing simple everyday things like lifting things around the house and caring for your kids or pets could cause harm and add pain and stress to recovery.


Think About Yourself

Kelly’s husband Michael has always been into large breasts. “All the girls he was with before had big boobs so he is used to the boob job scene. He’s like, ‘No I like you just the way you are!’” But having your breasts enlarged or reduced should be something you do for yourself, not anyone else. You are the one who will have to live with them every day.

Kelly isn’t the first celebrity to go the reduction route. Breast reduction surgery can provide a reprieve from unnecessary aches and pains for any woman with oversized breasts.

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