St. Louis Family Life Is About More Than Being a Mom

Stl_family Their motto is “just because you have kids, that’s no reason to lose your cool,” and St. Louis bloggers and mothers Kristie Steinlage and Lisa Bertrand founded the sitepSTL Family Lifepwith a mission to prove to St. Louis parents that ‘not loosing your cool’ isn’t just about keeping your temper in check.p

While most websites targeted at parents are filled with potty-training tips or advice on picking the perfect preschool, Kristie and Lisa have createdpan online magazine for parents that understands that while being a parent is a full-time job, there is more to family life than diapers and strollers. Lisa explained, “We found that when it came to parenting there were a lot of great sites out there devoted to childcare only. There wasn’t really much in the way of parental support. For example, we talk about how parenting affects friendships, marriage, sex, and the other aspects of one’s life.”p

STL Family Life launched on June 8, and since their launch Lisa and Kristie have packed their site full of relationship advice, product giveaways and information about St. Louis’ family friendly attractions. In just three short months they have developed a loyal following and plan to add more features and topics as the site grows. Lisa said, “We hope to have a sex column at some point. We hope to tackle career issues, more health issues, more reviews of fun places for families and for date nights, and more content for single parents as well as parents of blended families.”

You can check out the newest local website dedicated to balancing parenting with all of life’s other bits, by going topSTLFamilyLife.com.pIf you like what you see, you can also follow their updates on Twitter atpTwitter.com/stlfamiylife, andpbecome a fan ofpSTL Family Life on Facebookpto get updates about their latest contests and content.

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