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What can I expect from my breast augmentation? Are my goals achievable? Do I have realistic expectations? To be expected, our patients are curious as to what they will see post-augmentation. Speaking from experience, Dr. Boschert says, “When people come in for breast augmentation, their biggest concern is, ‘what am I going to look like afterwards?’”.

Along with Dr. Boschert, our fellow surgeons at Renaissance Plastic Surgery understand that you have a lot of choices to make. To help make your decision process easier. We are pleased to offer Vectra 3D imaging as part of your consultation. Offering an amazingly accurate prediction of what you can expect—with Vectra, we hope to eliminate some of the guess work and uncertainty and to help make your decision process easier.

What is Vectra 3D?

Our patients love Vectra “because it really helps people get a better concept of what they are going to look like afterwards.”

Taking only 3.5 milliseconds, Vectra takes a series of images utilizing six different camera angles. Creating a single, seamless image, the “computer then turns that into a 3D model of what you look like exactly”. Vectra takes into consideration the fine nuances of the breast, including:

  •          Breast volume, width, and shape
  •          Measurement of the rib cage
  •          Breast symmetry
  •          Nipple position

In addition, Vectra assesses your natural inframammary fold (IMF), the fold at where your breast starts from. Unbeknownst to many, our breasts often do not start at the exact same place—causing the breasts to sit differently and affecting nipple position. Analyzing the natural spacing between your breasts, Vectra is able to best gauge how an implant will affect your cleavage.

Vectra and You

Using these measurements, Vectra is able to simulate the look of your augmented breasts. The high-definition images can even be rotated—allowing you to view your breasts from a variety of angles. You are able to see your breast from “side to side, top to bottom, you can look down, you can look up,” Dr. Boschert goes on to say, “you really get to see what you look like all over the place”.


Guided by your surgeon, you are able to explore the various sizes and styles of the different implants available to you. Together, you are able to discuss and design your optimal augmentation. As Dr. Boschert reiterates, Vectra is about “making the best decision for the best results for you”.

While most commonly used to show the impact of breast augmentation, Vectra can also be used to show the nose, neck, chest, abdomen, and thighs.

We have found this new technology amazingly useful in assisting our patients. As Dr. Boschert explains, “Vectra really helps eliminate that anxiety. It gives people the confidence to go through with this and know what they’re going to get in the outcome”. He concludes, it is a great peace of mind for patients”. Envision your new self with Vectra. Contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.


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