Stefan Craig, MD

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stefan Craig solves both cosmetic and reconstructive challenges and says that his work is all about “creating something beautiful.” Although he does every kind of surgery of the face and body, some of his specialties are facelifts, eye surgery, rhinoplasties, liposuction and the more complicated breast surgeries. His reward comes from giving his patients something they are so grateful for…something that restores their confidence. Dr. Craig received his undergraduate degree and Master of Arts degree from Kent State University. He received his medical doctorate from the University of Missouri/Columbia and continued his general surgery training and his plastic surgery training at the University of Missouri/Columbia, as well. Dr. Craig also completed a cosmetic surgery fellowship with Plastic Surgery Associates of Miami, Florida.

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“I do everything in my power to deliver the best possible outcome.” Dr. Craig says that what drives him are his patients’ best interests. He is known for being honest, up-front and straightforward. His goal is to understand each patient at a real gut level and ask probing questions, so he can create the outcome they envision. “My job is to read the patient and make sure he or she is a good candidate for the procedure and that I can match his or her expectations.” “What I love about my work is that every situation is different; nothing is ever the same.” Dr. Craig says that even with the most careful planning, you always have to be quick on your feet and make judgment calls on the spot. He says, “It is my privilege to figure out what is best for the patient before and during surgery.” Dr. Craig is known as a laid back person who is very intense about his work. Our staff love working with him, and patients feel like they are with a friend. “My greatest referrals come from other patients or from other physicians.” Dr. Craig is known as a high quality surgeon who really cares. That sums up his reputation, and it is the reason that the majority of his patients come from referrals. “Most people visit me because they feel younger than they look.” Dr. Craig says that his patients are not looking for dramatic transformations. They want to look more refreshed, youthful and very natural. He has a frank discussion with each person and considers it a privilege to figure out what is best for that patient. There’s a lot of talk and questions from both sides.The final step during a consultation is the examination to determine if the patient’s anatomy is appropriate for the procedure. “We have a frank talk,” he says, and “If I believe it’s right, I tell my patients, ‘I’ll get you there’.” “I love time with my family and time doing sports.” Dr. Craig has four children and a very active family life. He enjoys sports of all kinds – working out, biking, running. Recently, he is proud to say, he did a half ironman.

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