Let’s Get Some Things Straight About Plastic Surgery

Hundreds of thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed every year. It has been this way for many years running; and yet, there is still a bit of mystery about plastic surgery procedures. Sometimes, misconceptions are made as a general rule, and sometimes they pertain to one particular procedure. If there is something in you that is holding you back from speaking with a plastic surgeon about your cosmetic concerns and goals, perhaps there is something you need to get straight. Here, we discuss some of the common ideas about plastic  that are all wrong.

Men Don’t Really Get Plastic Surgery

Ok, this is a myth that can’t be real. We’ve all seen pictures of male celebrities who have been the unfortunate victims of bad plastic surgery. Still, men do still often think that only women have plastic surgery procedures. According to statistics, this is changing. Nearly 20,000 men had facelifts in 2020. More than 45,000 had blepharoplasty to rejuvenate their eyes. While cosmetic changes don’t seem to be as dramatic for men as they are for women, there are significant gains to be had with the right procedure. 

Liposuction Will Top off My Weight Loss Journey

Excess weight is a drag, we get it. We know how disheartening it must be for a patient to hear they are not ready for liposuction just yet. As long as liposuction has been around, there is still this idea that it can help a person lose those last stubborn pounds. Stubborn fat, yes, but not weight. The liposuction procedure is for body contouring. It may or may not result in any weight change whatsoever. Before having this procedure, patients should be at their ideal weight and capable of maintaining that. 

The Results from Plastic Surgery are Permanent

The outcomes of most plastic surgeries are very long lasting. If you have a facelift, your face will always look younger than it would if you hadn’t had surgery. That said, plastic surgery does not halt the aging process. At some point, all patients are affected by the hands of time. It’s inevitable but also manageable with good sun protection, a healthy diet, and nonsurgical treatments performed every so often. 

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery in St. Peters, MO, we love helping patients find the ideal treatment or treatments for their ongoing needs. To learn more about our services, which include nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, breast and body procedures, and more, contact us at (636) 896-0600.

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