Keep Up With Your New Year’s Resolution with Vanquish

Was your New Year’s resolution to shed those last few stubborn pounds? As we come into spring, many of our patients find that their weight plateaus. Seemingly impossible to achieve on their own, many of our patients are embracing cosmetic treatments to help slim and sculpt their physiques. Understanding our patients struggle, at Renaissance Plastic Surgery, our doctors recommend Vanquish™. A minimally invasive procedure, Vanquish targets unwanted fat utilizing deep tissue heating.

What is Vanquish?

Radio frequency-assisted technology allows Vanquish to directly target fat. Tissue-selective, Vanquish is able to selectively target and destroy fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues—such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues.

Our patients’ love the comfort and ease that Vanquish offers. The apparatus itself hovers over the area of the body to be treated—never actually touching the skin. With adjustable panels, Vanquish can be strategically positioned to treat a number of areas including:

  •           Abdomen
  •           Love Handles

Each patient has a unique makeup. To create the best possible treatment, Vanquish has built in sensors that “read” the patient’s body fat. Vanquish then customizes the amount of energy that is delivered throughout your treatment.

What You Can Expect

Minimally invasive, Vanquish is as safe as it is effective. Although Vanquish heats the underlying fat to 120 degrees (the skin only heats to 101 degrees), Vanquish is a surprisingly comfortable treatment. Our patients often compare the warmth with that of a heating pad.

A 30 minute treatment, Vanquish is performed four to six times. Approved for circumferential fat reduction, after completing their treatment series, our patients typically lose approximately two inches from the treatment area.


Showing his enthusiasm for Vanquish, Dr. Craig underwent a series of treatments. Describing the comfort, he noted it as a “light, gentle warming”. As for his results, after his third treatment, he could see a “change in contour,” and, “based upon measurements” had “lost four centimeters”.


Vanquish at Renaissance Plastic Surgery

With Vanquish, our expert team of doctors can greatly improve your silhouette. By precisely targeting tough-to-target areas of fat, you will be left with a slimmer, shapelier physique.

Keep those New Year resolutions going strong throughout the whole year! Schedule a consultation today.

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