Is Forever Young BBL Your Key to a Younger Look?

beauty portrait of a laughing beautiful half naked woman applying face cream New Year, New You! Are you as tired of hearing this as we are? The truth is, a change in year does prompt a lot of us to take stock of various aspects of our lives. When it comes to being You, though, we suspect you don’t really want to be all new. What you might want is to address a few cosmetic concerns. Here, the goal is to bring back the things you have loved best about your appearance through the years. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we can achieve this with or without surgery. Here, we discuss how we help our patients look and feel their best with Forever Young BBL™ by Sciton.

What is Forever Young BBL?

On the most basic level, Forever Young BBL is considered a laser treatment. However, it doesn’t use the ablative or non-ablative wavelengths of light associated with many other lasers, it addresses the signs of aging and other cosmetic concerns with broadband light. It is what Sciton calls a multi-pass treatment, meaning that the technician passes the handpiece over the treatment area three to four times during the procedure. What this does is create uniform heating in the deeper layers of the skin, where foundational activities take place.

Benefits of Forever Young BBL Treatments Multifaceted tissue improvement. The effects of BBL occur deep within the skin, which means it can address multiple concerns in a single session. Common conditions treated with Forever Young BBL include:

  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea
  • Age spots
  • Facial veins
  • Coarse hair
  • Acne

Getting to the Root Cause of Aging Skin

Some treatments vaporize the uppermost layers of the skin to remove dead and damaged cells. Some break up pigment and bacteria with heat. Forever Young BBL targets multiple layers of the skin with wavelengths of light that work against the various signs of aging. According to studies, the technology, and the way it is applied, stimulate changes in DNA that alter gene expressions in the skin. In laymen’s terms, the skin starts to behave younger. This may be why, in one of the longest clinical studies of this technology, doctors judged patients to appear 11 years younger after 10 years of receiving Forever Young BBL than they did when they first began treatment.

Can you imagine looking younger 10 years from now than you do today? This is the power of Forever Young BBL. In addition to being convenient and virtually painless, this treatment does not incur any downtime. Patients can resume normal activities soon after their appointment with minimal redness that resolves within 24 hours. The procedure isn’t just for the face, either, it can be performed on the neck, chest, arms, and hands, areas where the most sun damage usually occurs.

Adults of all ages make great candidates for Forever Young BBL treatment. Younger adults rely on periodic treatments to prevent premature aging. Older patients turn to it to correct stubborn redness, rough texture, facial veins, and more. With periodic touch-ups, the youthful activity of the dermis is expected to continue, making Forever Young BBL an excellent option for routine anti-aging.

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