How Does SkinPen Work and Is It Right for Me?

SkinPen With the wide variety of cosmetic treatments and products available today, it can get a bit confusing trying to understand how a treatment works and if it’s right for you. SkinPen is a fantastic cosmetic treatment that is normally performed on the face to treat a wide range of skin issues like acne scars, wrinkles, skin unevenness, and more. Let’s take a closer look at how SkinPen works and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Understanding SkinPen

As mentioned before, SkinPen is a type of minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment often used on the face. The SkinPen is a type of microneedling treatment used to restore and rejuvenate the skin. The SkinPen creates many tiny wounds on the face over the course of the hour-long treatment. You may be confused as to why you would want to intentionally create micro-wounds on the surface of your skin, but this is where the body takes over and does its magic.

After your procedure, your body will naturally increase the production of collagen and elastin in response to the “wound.” Elastin and collagen are essential parts of the skin’s structure and function. They regulate the elasticity of the skin, its structure, and overall appearance. The increase of collagen and elastin will repair the micro-wounds and stimulate new cell growth. This leads to tighter, younger-looking, firmer, and more even skin.

SkinPen is an innovative device that takes advantage of the body’s natural wound response in a controlled, safe, effective, and comfortable way. You will have no downtime after the procedure and can continue your daily activities. Results won’t be immediately apparent and will need time to show as the skin heals.

Is SkinPen for Me?

The beauty of SkinPen is that there is very little commitment needed for the procedure. If you get the treatment and decide you aren’t happy with it, there is no surgery needed to reverse treatment, and the results will only be beneficial. That being said, the only one who can make a decision about your body and skin is you. However, our team at Renaissance Plastic Surgery is here to not only provide SkinPen treatments but also discuss your skin goals with you. Our staff would love to discuss whether SkinPen or another treatment would best suit your needs. If you’re interested in treatments like SkinPen, contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery at 636-896-0600 today.

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