Here’s How You Can Get Great Lips

Close up of womans Lips with Fashion pink Make up and Manicure on Nails Lips are a revered facial feature and have been long before the emergence of “Kylie Jenner lips”. We’ve only recently really leaned into our love of voluptuous lips because we have ways to create them where they’ve been lost or never existed. Having full, shapely lips isn’t just about looking younger, though that is an inevitable byproduct. The lips provide balance among our other facial features and are a defining characteristic of the face. The shape of the lips can also influence how a person is perceived. Women, in particular, with thin lips may be seen as less fun than women with naturally plump lips. They may appear stern or unfriendly when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you’re interested in promoting lip fullness and shape, know that there are multiple approaches. We’ll discuss them here.


Did you know that your body is about 60% water? This vital substance supports multiple physiological processes and is essential to health and vitality. Hydration is critical to our health and to appearance, too. The skin alone is approximately 64% water. This means if you’re not drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day, your skin is suffering (not to mention other vital organs, like your heart and brain). When the skin is not well hydrated, it may look scaly or powdery due to a layer of dry skin cells on the epidermis. Dehydrated skin can also feel rough. On the lips, this manifests as chapping, peeling, redness, wrinkling, and irritation. There is a way to hydrate that works best. Rather than guzzle whole glasses of water a couple of times a day, commit to carrying a water bottle around and sipping every few minutes. This way of drinking water delivers a steady supply to the body, enabling optimal usage as opposed to creating a strong urge to urinate for a brief period.

Consider Lip Enhancement

It is not uncommon for people of all ages to seek lip enhancement these days. It goes back to the time of the Kylie Jenner lips. That trend of very obviously augmented lips has diminished but dermal fillers are still commonly used to reshape and plump the lips in ways that look completely natural. If you’ve hesitated to get lip enhancement in the past because you just couldn’t envision yourself with a duck-lipped mouth, you don’t have to hold back any longer. Our skilled providers routinely administer lip injections using dermal fillers. We know how to observe and perfect the proportions of all facial features as they interact on the face as a whole. In addition to increasing the volume of lips using dermal fillers, we also offer lip enhancement using fat transfer. This procedure is slightly more involved but is popular due to the long-lasting results it achieves.


Many people recognize the need to exfoliate the skin on all parts of the body but fail to realize the lips count, too. Lip exfoliation can be done as a home remedy using some sugar and a smooth oil like coconut oil. Applying the mixture, gently rub the lips for a minute or two to slough off the dead and dry skin cells that are causing peeling and cracking. Just don’t rub too hard. Exfoliation is abrasive so can cause discomfort and redness if not done with care. Additional ways to exfoliate the lips include applying a lip exfoliating mask or special lip chemical peel, which can be obtained from a trusted provider. By far, the home remedy of sugar and oil is the easiest and most convenient.

Your lips are very likely to change over time due to sun damage and aging. WIth specific tactics, you can gain control over the appearance of this facial feature. To schedule a visit at our St. Peters office for lip enhancement treatment, contact us at (636) 896-0600.

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