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naked beautiful young woman pointing on her nose Getting a nose job is a big deal It is not a decision we think anyone takes lightly, and that includes ourselves. As experienced plastic surgeons, our team understands that we must be as meticulous in our approach to rhinoplasty surgery as our patients must be in choosing the right plastic surgeon for them. And on that note, this is a great place to begin our discussion of how to get your best rhinoplasty results.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

It must be noted that not all plastic surgeons have the same training and experience. They don’t all have the same eye for symmetry and proportion, and they don’t all have the same interest in or skill level at performing all plastic surgery procedures. This is said to clue you in on some of the questions you want to ask during your plastic surgery consultation. In addition to training, passion, and skill, a good plastic surgeon will be an excellent communicator. There probably aren’t many plastic surgeons out there who haven’t consulted with patients who were unhappy with a previous nose job. This comes down to communicating what can be achieved and comparing that with what a patient may want. As difficult as it can be to hear, we sometimes have to tell patients that what they want won’t look good on them. The best rhinoplasties are those that produce the shape and size that look like they belong on the patient’s face.

Planning Your Recovery

Rhinoplasty patients can expect to need some downtime after their procedure. This means preparing ahead of time. Suggestions for being well-prepared for surgery include:

  • Prefill prescriptions before the day of surgery.
  • Place two or more ice packs in the freezer so they are ready for use right after surgery.
  • Start learning to sleep on your back weeks before surgery.
  • Finish up any important projects at work and home.
  • Arrange for help around the house for at least one week following rhinoplasty.
  • Set aside tops that button or zip. You don’t want to pull clothes over your head if you can help it.
  • Prepare about a week’s worth of healthy meals ahead of time.

Pacing Yourself after Rhinoplasty Surgery

Hands down, the most important thing patients must do after plastic surgery like a nose job is to pace themselves. This may be more challenging than it seems. After surgery, it is not uncommon to feel tired more easily. The body is using extraordinary amounts of energy to heal and recover. Prescription pain medication may exacerbate postoperative fatigue, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re feeling tired, you may not be tempted to do too much too soon. The challenge is to maintain a slower pace once you start to feel better. After rhinoplasty, your surgeon may advise you to avoid any activity more strenuous than a gentle walk. Walking is a great activity after surgery because it helps prevent blood clots in the legs, but does so without increasing the heart rate so much that swelling worsens. More intense cardio and strength exercise may resume around six weeks after surgery. Patients should keep in mind, however, that they will be encouraged to avoid contact sports and other activities in which the nose could be bumped accidentally.

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