Get a Bikini-Ready Body with a Tummy Tuck

get-ready-for-bikini-season-img Sunshine is right around the corner, and if you’re planning to take a trip to the lake or beach for spring break or summer, you will likely be spending a lot of time in a bikini. If you’re still struggling to flatten your belly or you have loose skin around the abdomen, tummy tuck surgery could help you achieve the flat and toned stomach you’ve always wanted. Imagine feeling more comfortable and confident in that bikini so you can enjoy the sun without worrying about how you look. We can help to create the body you deserve with the right body contouring procedure.

Feel More Confident after Tummy Tuck Surgery

If you feel very self-conscious in a swimsuit because you are unhappy with your midsection and waistline, tummy tuck surgery could help to restore your self-confidence. This body contouring procedure addresses many problem areas around the abdomen, including loose and sagging skin, a protruding stomach, and torn abdominal muscles. The procedure involves repositioning the tissues and muscles, and removing excess skin to create a streamlined silhouette. We can reshape the entire midsection and waistline using a combination of skin tightening techniques, and in some cases, liposuction can be performed to remove excess fatty deposits. The result is a flat stomach and a contoured appearance that balances out your figure.

Reasons to Get a Tummy Tuck this Spring

If you are not planning to have more children and live a relatively healthy lifestyle, you may be a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery. Undergoing surgery now means you could be in bikini-ready shape right in time for those sunny weather trips. We will customize your procedure to address all of the key problem areas around the abdomen and lower back so we can create your ideal silhouette. If you are bothered by loose or hanging skin around the midsection, stubborn fat around the waist, or a protruding stomach, we can help to reshape your body just in time for spring and summer. Schedule your tummy tuck consultation at Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.

(*)Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed, may not be permanent, and can vary per individual. Some images are of models, not actual patients. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.