Does Sculptra Help You Age in Reverse?

istock 536080061 We all age in our own unique way. And we all feel differently about our aging process. Fortunately, we have several options for handling the signs of aging that concern us the most. Some people choose to correct signs of aging like deep creases or sagging jowls with plastic surgery. Some prefer the option of smoothing lines and restoring contours with nonsurgical options. Injectables have offered significant advantages and so have been popular for many years now. While the results of dermal filler injections are subtler than plastic surgery, some people like it this way. As we talk about subtle, we cannot forget to give the necessary attention to a particular injectable, Sculptra.

What is Sculptra?

Most people think of Sculptra as a dermal filler. We can understand why. This FDA-approved cosmetic drug does replenish volume where it has degraded. However, it doesn’t work in the same way as most dermal fillers. These products build volume beneath the skin using ingredients like hyaluronic acid. This chemical binds to water molecules to smooth and contour various parts of the face. Some dermal fillers enhance contours with tiny spheres of calcium that act as temporary scaffolding beneath the skin. Sculptra builds volume, but not directly. The way this injectable works is by stimulating prolonged collagen production.

The body stops making sufficient amounts of collagen not long after age 20. After this time, volume loss occurs at a rate of approximately one teaspoon per year. Sculptra slows the process of volume loss by provoking collagen production in fibroblast cells. With increased activity in the dermis and an influx of collagen, the skin grows thicker, firmer, and smoother.

What You Should Know about Sculptra

All cosmetic treatments have pros and cons. With Sculptra, these include:


  • Results of treatment can last 2 or more years. Because collagen breaks down more slowly than chemicals like hyaluronic acid, Sculptra typically lasts longer than dermal filler treatment.
  • Collagen stimulation is a process that builds over time. This enables the results of treatment to occur gradually, like aging backward.
  • After an initial Sculptra treatment, future touch-ups may require less product. This can vary because collagen can break down more quickly based on genetics, lifestyle, and other factors.


  • The initial cost of Sculptra can appear to be higher than other dermal filler treatments. However, because studies show that the results of Sculptra may last longer than two years, the cost-effectiveness of the two treatments is similar.
  • Sculptra does not achieve immediate improvements. The face looks younger over time as new collagen is produced.
  • A series of treatments is scheduled to achieve the best results from Sculptra. This continues the stimulation that is needed to sustain ongoing collagen production.

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