Could Laser Hair Removal be a Part of Your Beauty Routine?

istock 530434948 1 Many adults have a beauty routine, even if they don’t invest in periodic professional treatments. Face-washing, moisturizing, and even shaving are things that the average person does. Though these habits give us a satisfactory result most of the time, some, like shaving, can become a hassle. That is only one reason why many people have made laser hair removal part of their beauty routine. Here, we discuss more details about this rewarding process.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

People talk about the benefits of laser hair removal in relatively general terms much of the time. They say how great it is to toss their razor for good. However, we find it better to be more specific about the benefits of this treatment. Laser hair removal is:

  • As a grooming method, shaving may be somewhat inconsistent. There is a lot of room for user-error. Laser hair removal achieves uniform results by delivering laser light directly into hair follicles. The hair never has a chance to reach the surface. In the follicle, laser light transforms to heat, vaporizing hair. The heat that gets absorbed into the walls of the follicles causes controlled damage, diminishing future hair growth.
  • Your treatment appointment may not necessarily feel speedy. Depending on the size of the treatment area, each appointment may last about an hour. Then there is the timing of the process itself, taking months to address an entire hair growth cycle and secure long-term results. How can we say that laser hair removal is fast, then? We say it because within a week to two weeks of your first session, you begin to see the results of treatment. Hair sheds, then, when it grows again, it is lighter and finer than before.
  • Shaving may seem convenient because we can do it quickly in the shower. However, it can result in some uncomfortable side effects. Shaving tugs on hair and the skin. It can cause bumps, rash, or razor burn. Some people get painful ingrown hairs from shaving. For those situations, laser hair removal is even more advantageous.
  • Wherever you have unwanted hair on your body, you can get laser hair removal. Common areas include the legs and bikini area, but laser hair removal is also great for the face, underarms, forearms, shoulders, and back.
  • We can’t forget to mention one of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal, that it achieves lasting hair reduction. Most people who have this treatment never experience hair growth the way they did before. Hair sometimes grows back but, if it does, it is sparse, thin, and light. Periodic touchups can help maintain smooth, silky skin.

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