Chelsea Handler Makes Headlines with her ProFractional™ Treatment

rps-profractional-image Chelsea Handler recently made headlines. For once, however, the comedian was not in the spotlight for late night antics, but instead, for a stunning before-and-after photograph that she posted to her Instagram account. Handler boasted the results of her ProFractional laser treatment. “You may have noticed something new about me,” Handler gloated—and notice we did. Here, we explore what can be learned from Handler’s glorious transformation.
Handler shared her before-and-after with her nearly three million followers. (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Handler’s Instagram

ProFractional can be Performed as a Series

There is a chance Handler has been a fan of the ProFractional treatments for a while now. While excellent results can be obtained in just one session, the majority of our patients benefit most from a series of laser sessions. When performed as a series, ProFractional can garner an improvement in the skin’s overall texture, tone, and elasticity. Fine lines, wrinkles, and creases as well as scarring are also minimized throughout multiple treatments. After taking into consideration your age, skin condition, and desired results, a personalized treatment plan will be created.

ProFractional is Great for More than the Face

Handler’s before photograph was taken immediately following her ProFractional treatment. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that along with her face, Handler’s neck has also been treated. While the benefits are not as well known, laser treatments are also great for rejuvenating the aging appearance of the neck, chest, and hands.

ProFractional Offers Maximum Results with Minimal downtime

“To answer your questions, I did it on Thursday and filmed my show on Monday,” Handler writes. ProFractional selectively targets and treats small sections of skin deep within the dermis. By not affecting the rest of the skin, ProFractional has a significantly shorter recovery period than other laser treatments.

Most Importantly, ProFractional Works!

Handler’s results really speak for themselves. “Go ahead, soak it in,” says Handler of her now luminous complexion. Noticeably smoother, tighter, and not to mention, glowing—her skin is seemingly flawless. With the help of Renaissance Plastic Surgery’s expert team of skincare professionals, your skin can look as amazing as Chelsea’s. Along with ProFractional, we have a number of lasers at our St. Louis practice to help you achieve youthful and healthy skin. You can learn more about ProFractional and our other services by scheduling your consultation with us today.

(*)Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed, may not be permanent, and can vary per individual. Some images are of models, not actual patients. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.