Beauty is Not a Once-and-Done Event

istock 1178916517 We consult with new patients every day who are interested in either postponing the onset of cosmetic aging or correcting the signs of aging that have become impossible to ignore. Often, consultations include questions around a particular treatment. Patients want to know what results their selected treatment will provide to them. Sometimes, especially in the case of plastic surgery, a doctor can say with confidence that a technique will achieve results that last for years. Even with nonsurgical options like dermal fillers, we know about how long results will last. We know that they will not last longer than two years but that occasional touch-ups can prolong the effects of facial rejuvenation. This is to say that no treatment stops the aging process, so beauty is a lifelong task.

The skin and underlying tissue are like the body. To maintain fitness, health, and vitality, the body requires ongoing support. We will not lose excess weight by implementing dietary changes for a week or even a month. By the same token, we cannot look younger with a single procedure or treatment. The skin is in a constant state of flux. The fibroblasts that are responsible for collagen and elastin production are not consistent throughout a lifetime. Their lifetime nearly stops sometime during our twenties.

Dormant fibroblast cells are the norm. This is why, during our thirties, we may start to see lines creeping on to the face. By age forty, the skin has lost a fair amount of collagen and elastin. It is less firm and has less “give” to allow it to bounce back. The skin uses up 1 to 2% of its collagen and elastin stores each year. Studies suggest that this results in a loss of about 1 teaspoon of volume in the skin each year. Every decade, we lose 10 teaspoons of volume in the skin!

We Have the Interventions You Need

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery in St. Peters, MO, patients can explore options for managing the signs of aging. We offer surgical procedures like eyelid rejuvenation and facelift surgery for more advanced aging. We offer laser treatments and injectables for more subtle age-related concerns. And then there is BBL Forever Young. Since its development, this broadband light treatment has been highly recommended by experts. It is not your average laser treatment. BBL Forever Young has been shown to support the skin at the cellular level in such a way that, with periodic treatments, the skin’s aging process reverses to some extent. This is possible because broadband light can change the way that skin cells behave, provoking more youthful behavior over time.

The signs of aging don’t have to be something to correct. With innovative technology, we can help you address aging before it takes a visible toll on your skin. Call 636-535-2933 to learn more.

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