RPS9-4 Gummy-Bear-Breast-Implants

A new type of breast implant has recently been approved by the FDA and has everyone talking. The silicone gel implants, nicknamed the Gummy Bear implants, have physicians and patients excited about the benefits that they bring to the table.

Find out the three benefits of the new silicone gel implants.

  1. Low Risk for Rupture: The nickname Gummy Bear implant comes from the more cohesive silicone within the implant. Much like the Gummy Bear candy, if a puncture or tear occurs the consistency keeps it from leaking.
  2. Shape: The new silicone gel implants are more of a natural looking shape. Unlike other implants, they have a more teardrop shape as opposed to completely round. The thicker and more durable material keeps the implant from shifting. These implants require more precision and do not conform like other implants giving the natural shape more longevity.
  3. Less Wrinkles and Rippling: Because these implants are made of a firmer material than saline, wrinkling or rippling under the skin is far less likely. The more solid silicone does not manipulate as easily as the less structured implants of the past.

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