CoolSculpting® Now Targets Upper Arm Fat

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It is no secret that we love CoolSculpting at Renaissance Plastic Surgery! And it seems that CoolSculpting just keeps getting better! CoolSculpting employs an applicator to suck in, cool, and destroy specific areas of fat. Over the years, CoolSculpting has introduced a number of new applicators. Each new applicator has expanded what CoolSculpting can do.

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CoolSculpting® Keeps Getting Better at Renaissance Plastic Surgery


CoolSculpting continues to reign as the world’s number one non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Hailed for its ability to safely and effectively reduce stubborn fat, CoolSculpting shapes and contours troublesome spots of fat without needles, surgery, or downtime. As a patient favorite, our team at Renaissance Plastic Surgery continues to take steps to make sure that your CoolSculpting treatment is the best possible.

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