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We absolutely love to share our own patients’ experiences at Renaissance Plastic Surgery! It gives our future St. Louis clients a realistic and genuine look at the process of a treatment or procedure they might be interested in themselves. Today we have two very special clients who bravely pursued the vaginal rejuvenation treatment, ThermiVa®, and shared with us their exciting stories and results. Before we share these with you, our team will give you a closer look at this simple, yet life-changing treatment. 

The Need for Vaginal Rejuvenation

As women age and have children, their bodies go through dramatic changes. Many parts of the body look, feel, and function differently. For women who struggle with vaginal laxity, dryness, and physical changes to the vaginal canal, it can be difficult to feel like the beautiful, sexy, and strong woman you truly are.

Not only can these problems lead to impaired self-confidence or low body image, it can also lead to discomfort during intercourse and impact a woman’s wardrobe. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we understand that you may think you are too busy for vaginal rejuvenation or that it will be painful, but with ThermiVa, those worries can be left behind.

ThermiVa is a completely non-surgical treatment to help improve both the external and internal areas of the vagina. It is a quick process (treatments are often under an hour in length) and requires no extra downtime. ThermiVa works by using a small specially-designed hand piece over the external and internal vaginal areas to comfortably heat the skin.

This tissue-heating will promote collagen production, which will help tighten the vaginal canal and even increase moisture as well. It is a simple procedure that can be easily fit into a woman’s schedule. But don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve asked two of our latest ThermiVa patients to share with everyone their experiences with undergoing this exciting new vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Read their stories below to learn more about what you can expect from your own personalized ThermiVa treatment, and what kind of life-changing results and benefits might be waiting for you.

Testimonial 1: Amazing Experience at Renaissance Plastic Surgery

Our first ThermiVa patient shares how ThermiVa has dramatically improved her sex life and helped her to feel years younger.

“My recent experience completed in three separate visits, was overwhelmingly positive. The staff was both personable and professional and I felt made every effort to provide a relaxed and comfortable setting. The procedure was not difficult to endure or unbearable in any way.

Now for the result…the results are fantastic. The physical appearance has improved for me giving me a firmer more youthful look from yesteryear. Other key factors improved as well with no thoughts needed regarding lubrication in those important moments…. I also feel it has contributed to ease and length of orgasm.

These were such a nice bonus because I was going into this mainly for maintaining youthful appearance and didn’t think I needed any improvement in the actual working vaginal features… bonus! Thank you again” – Client A

Testimonial 2: No Pain, Yet So Much to Gain

Our second ThermiVa patient tells her story of how ThermiVa helped change her life by addressing some of the vaginal concerns that came after having three children.

“I have had 3 children close in age which definitely changed my body. Thermiva alleviated my incontinence, which was why I had the procedure done. The additional benefits were increasing my sensitivity and tightening of my skin (external) and tissue (internal).

The procedures were extremely easy and took approximately 45 minutes. No pain at all with Thermiva, just a warm heat. The best thing about Thermiva is you have no down time from work and play. You can immediately resume your normal activities!

I’m very excited and pleased with my results! I would definitely do this again!” – Client B

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